"Wine is meant to bring people together."

VARIETAL-100% Pinot Meunier

I was blown away and so pleasantly surprised when I first tried this champagne! With its ruby red color & its effortless freshness and floral aromatics, I don't believe there is a more rare or festive champagne around.

This champagne drinks like a cross between a Grower and a House champagne. Villepin focuses on sustainability and terrior, giving their Champagnes the purest expression of both grower & land. With very limited distribution, Villepin's Champagnes are rarely found in stores but are the highlight of Michelin star restaurants across the US & Europe.

Wine is not sold in stores - only available to purchase for Savor club members


VINTAGE: NV - Non-Vintage

WINEMAKING: Traditional Champagne Method

AGEING: 30 months of ageing before disgorgement, followed by another 6 months in the cellar before release.

PRODUCER: Champagne De Villepin

WINE MAKER: Bruno Villepin

REGION: Valle de la Marne, Champagne, France

SMELL: Fruity (red fruit like cherry & pomegranate, strawberry)

TASTE: Balanced opening with a very flavorful finish, underlined by the lively effervescence. Good length on the palate.

BODY: Light to medium bodied

ACIDITY: Medium-High


Champagne is beloved around the world. People associate bubbles with wealth, luxury, and celebration. However, not many people know about Grower Champagne producers - arguably the best-kept secret that's hiding in plain sight. While Champagne Houses (Like Dom Pèrignon) source their wines from across the region and blend them to make their proprietary house styles, the Growers own their land and produce their own wines. This results in a unique style determined by each winemaker and are mainly very terrior-driven wines.

3 Reasons to Buy Grower Champagne

1. Many of the high-quality producers are a fraction of the price compared to established Houses.

2. Many winemakers practice biodynamic, organic, or sustainable farming practices.

3. They tend to be less sweet (no or little dosage).


10TH GENERATION: Winemaker Bruno Villepin comes from a large Burgundy family, he settled in Champagne in 1999.

ORGANIC FARMING: All their vines in production are cultivated with organic and biocontrol resources.

METICULOUS: There is a continued effort to reduce the environmental footprint of his viticulture practices, a gentle and meticulous oenology without filtration, and some parceled vinification since 2008.

TERRIOR-DRIVEN: The soils benefit from a complete and exceptional life and it is thanks to these rediscovered ecosystems and biodiversity that their wines reflect the best of their terroirs.

BIODYNAMIC: Bruno has been promoting the creation of ecosystems for their vines. Dozens of plants as varied as possible that can be found in the middle of their vines. These range from nettle and thistle, to clover, mint, or wild strawberries. Each plant has its uses: some attract pollinating insects or that regulate other populations at risk for the vines, some will decompact the soil with deep roots and will promote the infiltration of rain into the soil, others, will enrich the soil or promote the appearance of mycorrhysis, fungi that develop around the roots for better plant development.

BEST-KEPT SECRET: The family property was purchased by his great-great-grandfather from the Duchess of Uzès, granddaughter of Veuve Clicquot.

GROWER CHAMPAGNE: Grower Champagne is sparkling wine crafted by grape growers and their families. It embodies those who grow grapes in their own vineyards and produce cuvées (aka sparkling wine blends) that reflect their distinct vineyards and style.


Champagne is often overlooked as a pre-dinner or after-dinner drink. However, Champagne is a sommelier favorite for its ability to pair with all sorts of food. This Champagne has more acidity, which makes it a good partner for roasted meats and poultry. I would also recommend having it with your favorite aged cheese.


Truffle fondue and strawberry short cake.

Pair it with a Pastry Wrapped Cranberry Baked Brie from Half Baked Harvest & you won't be disappointed!


Bruno Villepin is a 10th generation winemaker of a large Burgundy family. He settled in Champagne in 1999 on the family property, purchased by his great-great-grandfather from Duchess of Uzèz, granddaughter of Veuve Clicquot.

Bruno has made it his mission to reduce the environmental footprint of is viticulture practice, meticulously tending to his 5.25 acre vineyard to ensure the vines produce the best grapes possible year after year. They practice biodynamic farming and foster ecosystems throughout their vineyard that promote outstanding terrior driven wines.