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"Wine is meant to bring people together."
Pascal Jolivet
attitude '19

VARIETAL - Pinot Noir

People sometimes confuse Sancerre for being a white wine. However, they are producing rare and mineral-toned red wines like this Pinot Noir. The producer, Pascal Jolivet, is a firm believer in natural winemaking and practices environmentally friendly techniques in both the vineyard and in the cellar. The philosophy of the estate is to let nature take its course as much as possible and, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."

- Winston Churchill

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PINOT NOIR "Pee-no Nwar"

PRODUCER: Pascal Jolivet

WINE MAKER: Valentina Buoso

REGION: Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

SMELL: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, spice

TASTE: feminine and balanced, soft minerality

BODY: Light




Pinot Noir is a versatile red wine that is extremely food friendly. I would suggest pairing this wine with a burger, leaner cuts of beef, root vegetables and anything that has mushrooms!


Half Baked Harvest Poblano Mushroom Tacos with Cilantro Yogurt Sauce

get to know this Pinot noir:
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OTHER ALIAS: Pinot Nero "Pee-no Nair-oh" and Spätburgunder "spate-berg-under"

TYPE OF GLASS:  Burgundy or "aroma collector" 

DECANT: 30 minutes, but not necessary

CELLAR: Drink now

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WHERE IT GROWS: France (Burgundy, Champagne, Loire Valley, Jura) United States (California, Oregon), Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Chile


Pinot Noir might be one of the world's most popular and esteemed varietals, but truth be told Pinot Noir is the problem child for most winemakers! The beloved grape is very particular in the vineyard, being incredibly sensitive to climate and the type of soil it is grown on. Plus, its thin skin makes it an easy target for disease and insects, so trying to over produce Pinot Noir will almost always result in disappointment. From a consumer stand point, it’s not the easiest or most accessible grape. All the work and risk on the production side means that the high quality, really well made wines are going to cost you. What's more, about 40 clones of Pinot exist, which will impact the taste and quality. All of this is what makes Pinot Noir irresistible and thrilling. When done right, it rewards you with flavors and textures that are so unique and desirable.