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Savor started as a passion project with a mission to change the way people looked at wine. Our goal was to make the first seasonal club that focuses on the member’s experience from start to finish. Each allocation includes clean unique wines that are exclusive to our members with special small touches that are meant to put a smile on your face. As our Savor community has grown, so has our offerings. We are now your go-to resource for anything wine related including gifting, tastings, consulting, and cellar management. 


I first began studying wine as a passion project, but soon realized there was a gap in the industry that didn't focus on the holistic experience of the individual. Wine should be fun & approachable, but is almost an impossible task for the average consumer. My club focuses on the details: from selecting a bottle, to understanding its story, choosing who to share it with & savoring the little moments in life. I have earned my WSET2 with distinction and am here to be your resource to unique boutique wines. It has been a long time before I have felt like I found my, "it". I grew up as an athlete, earning a division 1 scholarship to play ice hockey at Colgate University. The only obstacle was that this identity that I dedicated so much of my life to was not available to me to pursue into my adulthood. Another layer is I support my husband who is currently playing professional hockey. Once my athlete identity was stripped of me, I was wondering - what's next for me - while being surrounded by so much of what once inspired me. I have been working full-time in the motivational speaking business and have loved learning people’s life stories and shifting perspective. Once I had my daughter, Hadley May, I felt inspired to put myself out there start my own business & journey. My family is my why. I hope this wine club brings you love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime.


Regular price$125.00
3 bottles of wine, 4 times a year
investment of $125 each shipment (includes free shipping)
You will receive your wine club's allocation the second week of March, June, September, & December 
Each box is carefully selected and evaluated to complement each season. We choose the wines for you, with each bottle carrying a unique story about the people and the places that brought it to life.
This club will focus on boutique, small productions wines that you can't find anywhere else! We care about your overall experience and give you the tools to become the wine expert & step out of your comfort zone!
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Now offering wine consulting & cellar management

Savor is one of the only online wine resources that can guarantee quality wines that are nearly impossible to find. We specialize in boutique and high end legendary wines with the best price on the market. Whether you are just starting on building your wine collection or would like advice or full cellar management, we can do it all! To get started contact us directly at and we will build your dream cellar together!

In-person & Virtual

wine tastings

Wine tastings are the perfect way to bring people together. Whether it is friends and family or a corporate setting, exploring the world of wine will always guarantee a great time. We offer in-person or virtual tastings that can be customized to your budget & preferences.


-Don Sawyer : Senior VP Stemline Therapeutics

"Taylor hosted a wine tasting as part of a team building event for my leadership team. Her knowledge is tremendous and yet she made it fun and interesting - removing some of the mystery around wine and making it simple! Her selections were amazing! Highly recommend!"