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Piedmont, Italy

Gian Luca Colombo
2021 Barbera D'Alba Superiore

If tasting this wine blind against some of the top barbera producers in the world, I would bet heavily Gian Luca Colombo wins every time. This barbera showcases how beautiful this grape varietal can be. This is barbera at its purest form, juicy & dynamic. The wine explodes with black cherry and violet and is perfectly balanced. The grapes for this wine come from 3 individual vineyards that are individually hand-harvested and vinified. On the palate this wine is warm, full-bodied and dense. The perfect wine to impress your guests at Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving! We are proud to say that this vintage is exclusive to Savor club members and there are only 5,000 total bottles produced. Most of the cases you will find locally or scattered throughout boutique restaurants in Italy.

2021 Barbera d'alba

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Barbera

WINEMAKING: Biodynamic

AGING: 9 months in Austrian oak

PRODUCER: Gian Luca Colombo

WINE MAKER: Gian Luca Colombo

REGION: Roddi/Piedmont, Italy

SMELL: Black cherry, violet

TASTE: Black cherry and dark chocolate with great structure, concentration & intensity

BODY: Full-bodied


Gian Luca Colombo

We are sometimes bias with the wines that we get to showcase in our allocations. However, after you take a sip of this barbera you will immediately understand the hype. Before our trip to Italy this summer, our talented distributor praised Gian Luca Colombo and his efforts to drive change throughout the Piedmont region. He graciously invited us into his home where he explained how him and a group of close friends are studying weather patterns and are one of two vineyards throughout the entire region practices biodynamic farming. As a reminder, this means that there is almost no intervention and is the cleanest possible way to produce wine. He firmly believes that his wine should never display, “his style” and that each wine should tell a story of the land, grape varietal, and vintage. His dedication to his vines is apparent in the quality of this wine. His meticulous attention to detail produces this beautiful barbera of high concentration and quality. We are honored to be able to share this wine with our members!


Chipotle Chicken Acorn Squash

Barbera has great structure and mouth filling flavors of red cherries, violet, licorice and dark chocolate. This wine has a great acidity and a kind of vibrancy that makes it a great counterpart to food. Try this wine with vegetable-driven dishes. The flavors of the wine will make pairings pop by spicing your dishes with cherry, sage, anise, cinnamon, anise or white pepper.

Chipotle Chicken Acorn Squash
a quick tip about

In Old World wine regions the wine can be labeled by region, grape varietal, or a combination of both. Luckily most times barbera (grape varietal) will be on the label and easy to recognize. However, when ordering at a restaurant or picking out a bottle at a store be sure to look for barberas from d'Alba or d'Asti. These locations have the best land to produce great expressions of the grape varietal and you can count on the quality!


Barbera d'Alba (like this one)

Barbera d'Asti