"Wine is meant to bring people together."
(photo from Santo Wine's tasting room in Santorini)


This wine was the inspiration behind this allocation’s theme, “Rare Grapes & Good Vibes" (I mean look at the tasting room view above!) Assyrtiko is a wine that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. People fall in love with this grape variety instantly; the only downfall being the lack of accessibility to a great Assyrtiko in the United States. Wine is an integral part of Greek tradition and culture. Everything about this wine is unique and extremely interesting, from the wine making process, the history, and the expressiveness of wine itself. As previously mentioned, it was actually the Greeks we have to thank for the spread of viticulture around the world in 300 BC. The secret to understanding Greek wine is appreciating the intensity of flavors found in Greek food - intensity is a theme in Greek wines as well. This wine is great with food, but also extremely enjoyable by itself.


As a result of one of the greatest volcanic eruptions of all time, Santorini’s strong agricultural tradition is rooted in its soil which has a unique texture and includes lava, volcanic ash and pumice stone. This special composition yields products of distinctive profile and works as a natural shield from diseases. The vineyard in Santorini is self-rooted as it was never affected by disease, and is one of the most ancient in the world with a 3,500-year history.


For the ancient Greeks, wine was a gift from the Greek God Dionysus and was a symbol of worthiness and luxury. Dionysus is the god of fertility and wine, creating wine and spreading the art of viticulture.

Assyrtiko : "ah-seer-tee-koo"

PRODUCER: Santo Wines

REGION: Island of Santorini, Greece

SMELL: Citrus fruit (lime & lemon), marmalade, saline, & flint

TASTE: Lean, dry, mineral backbone, fresh citrus, savory

BODY: Light



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OTHER ALIAS: Only Assyrtiko

TYPE OF GLASS: White wine or universal


CELLAR: Drink now, can age 5-10 years

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WHERE IT GROWS: Greece (specifically Santorini)  Australia 


The secret to understanding Greek wine is appreciating the intensity of flavors found in Greek food. Since Santorini is an island, Assyrtiko is perfect for shellfish or any light, simple, citrus-driven seafood dishes. This wine has almost a salty texture to it due to the salt air, so you will find it will pair well with salty, creamy cheeses like feta! 


Half Baked Harvest Greek Olive Pasta Salad

The History of Santorini

Assyrtiko has unique characteristics of their volcanic origin. On this windswept volcanic isle, the roots of the Assyrtiko vine can reach up to 18m in the black, ash-rich soil, giving the resulting wines great minerality. The vines are uniquely trained in ground hugging, basket-weaved fashion. These woven baskets are called "koulouras" and the shape serves to shelter the grapes from the strong winds, volcanic sands, and hot sun while providing moisture. (pictured here and on the wine's label). Assyrtiko wines from Santorini are bone-dry, in-your-face, crisp, mineral-laden, high-acid wonders with some distinctive salinity. Santo wines are committed to safeguarding the local traditional cultivations , producing highest quality Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) as well as promoting sustainable agriculture development. They practice biodiversity (when the winemakers view the vineyard as an ecosystem and use only the most natural farming) and all their grapes are hand harvested. The care that happens to the grapes in the vineyard and during the winemaking process directly translates to this expressiveness of this Assyrtiko wine.