Welcome to the south of France

Bandol, France


Bandol rosé may be France's best kept secret. All wine enthusiasts know Bandol is the pinnacle of quality rosé. Being made up of 60% Mourvèdre, the grape varietal gives the wine structure to age and stand up to powerful reds and delicious whites coming from the South of France.

This particular Bandol rosé will change your perspective on all rosé. It is complex, meaty, and the perfect foodie wine to pair with any summer meal. The fresh aromas match the delicate yet bold mouth feel. If there was a "summer in a glass," this wine would be the winner!

2021 bandol rosé

GRAPE VARIETY BLEND: 60% Mourvèdre, 25% Grenache, 15% Cinsault

WINEMAKING: Hand harvest and biodynamic

AGEING: Direct to press with fermentation at low temperatures to preserve aromas & aged in concrete vats

PRODUCER: Domaine Des Trois Filles

WINE MAKER: Audrey Arlon

REGION: Bandol, South of France

SMELL: Peach, wild raspberry white tea with a hint of Provence herbs

TASTE: Lifted flavors of strawberry, cherry and white flowers

BODY: Light to Medium


"Trois Filles" - "the three sisters"

Audrey Arlon (far left) is the current winemaker at the family estate. Her parents founded "Domaine des Trois Filles," named after Audrey and her two sisters, Leonie and Justine, who now farm a modest 9 hectares of old gobelet vineyards that they tirelessly tend to using biodynamic farming. They co-planted the vines with rye, fava beans, clover, and radish sprouts in between the rows and in the spring, they fold it into the earth to protect the soil while keeping humidity and maintaining a low temperature in the increasingly hot weather of Southern France. All of this attention to detail in the vines shows in the extreme deliciousness of the wines.

Audrey says that the, "nez est explosif" so by all means, please sip with caution.

vigneron independant

Professional, trustworthy and of the highest standards

You will notice on the foil of this bottle that there is a icon of a person holding a bag with the words, "vigneron independant" underneath it. At Domaine des Trois Filles, they respect the Independent Wine Maker’s Charter (Vigneron Indépendant). This means we produce their own grapes, bottle the wine in their own cellar and their name appears on every bottle. When you see this, think of it as a stamp of approval from the French government to support this family winery!



We cannot stress enough in order to take advantage of all this rosé has to offer please make sure to drink it with food! The blend of grapes in this rosé give the wine structure and body to enhance really any meal! We highly suggest pairing with grilled vegetables or this Greek Chicken Orzo Salad by Half Baked Harvest!

fun fact about
quality rosé:

Brangelina’s, Whispering Angel Rosé is on track to produce 3.2 million bottles this vintage compared to our '21 Bandol Rosé that only ship 100 cases total to the United States! We have said it once and we will say it gain, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!