"Wine is meant to bring people together."
Charles joguet
Chinon les petites roches '18


Chinon is one of the three most famous red wine appellations in the Loire Valley and is known for being the most elegant of the three. Charles Joguet was one of the first to practice plot-based vinifications and organic agriculture, modeling after the Cru system in France that stresses terrior. They have been practicing biodiversity since 2011, which shows how much pride and care the estate puts into their land.

This wine is peppery and has a hint of spice with a lengthy finish. It is the perfect pairing for a springtime BBQ.

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The producer, Charles Joguet, forever changed the narrative of how Cabernet Francs are produced around the world. He was an innovator and artist that abandoned his promising art career to assume direction of the family Domaine in 1957. He began to question the common practice of selling grapes to negociants, as his family had done for years. A negociant is an importer and exporter of some of the world's most prestigious family owned wineries.

The Joguets owned prime vineyard land between the Loire and Vienne Rivers with distinct variations in the soils. Having soil variation is extremely important in wine production because it will showcase different and unique wine profiles depending on where the grapes are planted. Charles decided not to sell the grapes off, but to vinify the individualized plots together. Although at the time it was considered madness, Charles took the risks necessary to master single-vineyard bottling with an artistry that Chinon had never before seen. He believed that separate terriors would showcase beautifully in individual vinifications, and he was rewarded with beautiful wines that are still renowned worldwide. Today the Genet family owns the estate outright. However, what remains is a winery devoted to Joguet’s ethos: to coax the singular magic of a very ancient grape growing in very ancient soil. The current winemaker is Kevin Fontaine 

Charles Joguet Estate

The Genet family is dedicated to preserving the Charles Joguet reputation and producing massively delicious wines. Particular care is taken in the work in the vineyards, respecting the soil, and all the grapes are harvested by hand. Since 2016, the Charles Joguet estate has held the Organic Agriculture certification and continues to practice plot based vinifications.

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CABERNET FRANC "Cab-er-nay Frank"


WINEMAKING: organic and certified biodynamic

AGEING: 12-15 months in 1-3 year old barrels

PRODUCER: Charles Joguet

WINE MAKER: Kevin Fontaine

REGION: Chinon, Loire Valley, France

SMELL: Black pepper, cherry, cranberry, dried herbs

TASTE: Fruit follows through to a spicy, lengthy, finish

BODY: Medium



I would highly recommend pairing this wine with food to get the best expression of Cabernet Franc from Chinon. Some food pairings I would suggest for springtime would be a charcuterie board, anything with goat cheese, tomato based dishes, pork, and finally a BBQ.


Half Baked Harvest Slow Cooker BBQ

get to know cabernet franc:
helpful tips

OTHER ALIAS: Bouchet (Boo-shay) & Brenten (Bruh-Tawn)

GLASS: Bordeaux glass could be used for the Cabernet Franc in its youth when the wines are still pretty structured. Then, as the wines gain in age, I would slowly move to a Burgundy wine glass

DECANT: 30 minutes, but not necessary

CELLAR: Recommend drinking now, age 2-5 years

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NOTABLE REGIONS: California, Tuscany, Chile, Hungary, South Africa, Argentina, Spain, Canada 


Cabernet Franc is the parent grape of both Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It may have originated in the Basque Country of Spain, but it is up for debate!