"Wine is meant to bring people together."
Photo of dolcetto grapes used for AltreVie
Dolcetto d'alba

VARIETAL-100% Dolcetto

AltreVie is the newest project from two famous Italian vintners GianLuca Colombo & Federico Scarzello that started just last year. The two men believe that they should never display wines of "their" style, but that "only the vineyard, vintage, & grape should speak." They are passionate about biodynamic practices & keep their wines as natural as possible. Theyhand-harvest & age their wines in anfora. (details in wine profile)The grapes selected for the AltreVie project come from only the best vineyards, with vines averaging 15 years old.

Wine is not sold in stores - only available to purchase for Savor club members

DOLCETTO "Dol-chet-to"

VARITEALS: 100% Dolcetto

WINEMAKING: Biodynamic, aged in anfora

AGEING: Anfora or Amphora (see below)


WINE MAKER: GianLuca Colombo & Federico Scarzello 

REGION: Barolo, Piedmont, Italy

SMELL: Plum, blackberry, cocoa, black pepper, violet

TASTE: Unusual vibrancy, brightness and with fresh red fruit expressions 

BODY: Medium to full


breaking down the winemaking of

"Only the vineyard, the vintage, and the grape should speak”.

The winemakers of AltreVie are dedicated to using the practices below to deliver wines that are truly unmatched in quality.


It is well documented that clay amphorae is one of the oldest vessels used in the creation, aging and storing of wine. Even as modern wine production has largely phased out the need to use them, natural wine’s focus on preserving and unearthing traditional winemaking methods has revived interest in the use of amphorae. 

Being made of clay, amphorae are naturally porus. This means that oxygen can get into the wine through the vessel's exterior (unlike steel), which will give the wine a more noticeable “texture” on the palate.

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Tortellini
The Perfect Pairing

As suggested on the tasting card this wine pairs great with richer, darker meats and vegetable dishes with roasted tomatoes, eggplant and garlic.

Our choice: Creamy roasted pepper tortellini. This pairing complements each other because of the wines light tannins. It will really bring out the natural creaminess of the roasted red pepper.