"Wine is meant to bring people together."
Photo of the Balgera family winery in Chiuro
Rosso di Valtellina

VARIETAL-100% Nebbiolo

The Valtellina is a very small wine-producing region in the mountains north of Milan, just south of the Alps that borders Switzerland. The winery has a wine history dated back to 1883 when Pietro Balgera started the winery.

Today, Paolo Balgera is a 4th generation wine maker. He took over in 1983, being only 20 years old. The winery offers classic old world styled highly fragrant Valtellina wines, Madde from the Chaivennasca variety, also known as Nebbiolo in the Piedmont region.

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NEBBIOLO "Nebby-oh-low"

VARITEALS: 100% Nebbiolo (Chiavennsaca)

WINEMAKING: Certified sustainable, indigenous yeast

AGEING: Manual harvest in last ten days of September. The grapes are destemmed, lightly crushed, the fermentation is carried out with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature. The wine is aged for 18 months on the fine lees in 5 HL oak barrels, then 36 months in stainless steel and 12 more months in the bottle before its release.


WINE MAKER: Paolo Balgera

REGION: Chiuro, Valtellina/ Lombardia/ Italy

SMELL: Leather, black tea, tobacco leaf, clove, rose, anise

TASTE: Red berries, crushed stones and light spice, developing note s of leather and tobacco

BODY: Medium to full



"Our family is our strength."

Balgera Vini is one of the longest-standing wine producers in Valtellina, active since 1885 in Chiuro, in the villa of a patriot who served Mazzini: generation after generation, descendents of the founder Pietro Balgera passed on the secrets and values of tradition, through to the present day.

Today, almost a century later, many things have changed but not the Balgera family's passion for wine, true to an ancient tradition whose most important values have stood the test of time.

The Perfect Pairing
Ribeye steak

TIP : When choosing a wine pairing try to think about where the wine is from. Italian food with an Italian wine you can almost never go wrong! Nebbiolo is world famous from producing ageable wines in Piedmont where truffle is prevelant. Nebbiolo with anything truffle will NEVER dissapoint.

Our Choice: @thatdudecancook ribeyes with rosemary salt. (also posted on @savorthewineclub) The fat & butter cuts the rich tannins and creates a perfect harmony. Although nebbiolo looks light-bodied, it is very high in tannin and acidity, which makes it a perfect match for cheese, butter, fat, salt & oil! *chefs kiss*