palmento costanzo
ROSATO mofete '20


This Italian rosato is made from the rare red Sicilan grape, Nerello Mascalese. The best of this grape variety is found on the volcanic soils of Mt Etna. “Palmento” as seen on the label, refers to a traditional winemaking structure in Sicily. Almost all palmentos are now converted for other uses. However, the producers of this wine, a Sicilian couple Valeria & Mimmo, were devoted to the traditions of Mt Etna leading them to restore the palmento. Their winery is one of the only places to practice this form of historical winemaking. The palmento is far from the only ancient treasure on this site, with vines that are up to 120 years old! Bush-trained in the “alberello” style. The more we learned about this wine, the more we fell in love!

nerello mascalese : nair-rel-lo mask-uh-lay-zay

PRODUCER: Palmento Costanzo

WINE MAKER: husband & wife Mimmo & Valerie Costanzo

SMELL: strawberry, violet, sage, thyme, wet stone

TASTE: minerality, salinity, strawberry, pomegranate


BODY: light bodied


GET TO KNOW nerello mascalese Rosato:
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OTHER ALIAS: Only Nerello Mascalese - Rosato is the Italian version of Rosé

TYPE OF GLASS: White wine or universal


CELLAR: Drink now

IF YOU LIKE THIS.. TRY THIS! rosé of Pinot Noir (look for a similar color, some darker pinks are very sweet)

WHERE IT GROWS: mostly Sicily (over 90%) & a little in Calabria


Rosato is perfect on a hot summer day. Super refreshing and crisp this dry rosato would pair well with summer salads, light pasta and rice dishes, especially with seafood, raw and lightly cooked shellfish and grilled fish and goats’ cheeses.


Lebanese Chicken with Charred Lemon Cauliflower

husband and wife
Mimmo & Valerie Costanzo

Mimmo and Valeria Costanzo are a Sicilian couple whose devotion to the traditions of Mt Etna led them, starting in 2011, to lovingly restore the palmento, one of the only ones still functioning during winemaking. They follow the principles of organic farming with the greatest respect respect for tradition. More than a hundred terraces, with with dry lava stone walls, guard a vineyard cultivated with the alberello system, which climbs the slopes of the volcano of the volcano from 600 to 800 metres above sea level: all the vines, even those over a century old, are supported by are supported by chestnut poles and surround the ancient surrounding the ancient palmento, brought back to life meticulous bio-architectural restoration.