Erpacrife Metodo 
Sparkling Rosé

Before we select the wines for each allocation, we decide parameters that we give to our amazingly talented distributor. We knew we wanted to include some bubbles this allocation. When we were pitched this unique sparkling rosé and tasted it, we knew it had to be included. This sparkling rosé was born from an idea of 4 extremely talented winemakers of Piedmont, Italy. They use the traditional method of winemaking used in Champagne, which is very different than the sparkling wine that is traditionally made in Italy. (Prosecco is Italy's top sparkling wine and is made using Charmot method) The mission of these wine makers was to create a beautiful sparkling wine, using indigenous grapes that represented the land which they are proud of.

After a lot of experimenting and trial and error, "Erpacrife" was the triumphant result, using 100% Nebbiolo grapes. This wine is intoxicating, bold, unique, and has you coming back for more. It is elegant and intense, yet balanced on the palate with mouth watering acidity and freshness. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind sparkling wine!

Wine is not sold in stores - only available to purchase for Savor club members.

Nebbiolo "Nebby-oh-low"

GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Nebbiolo

HARVEST: Harvest is premature compared to the classic collection of Nebbiolo grapes, to preserve a good acidity and a non-excessive alcohol potential, essential conditions for a sparkling base. 

WINEMAKING/AGEING: When the grapes are pressed, the wine goes through a process of cold maceration for a period of 12-18 hours. The process continues with a second press after which the product is fermented in oak barrels for 10-15 days, 3 months with battonage and four months in steel. In the spring, the second fermentation is carried out in the bottle. Rests on the yeasts in the bottle for 24 months. 

PRODUCER: Erpacrife 

WINE MAKER: Erik Dogliotti, Paolo Stella, Cristian Calatroni and Federico Scarzello 

REGION: Costagnole Lanze - Piemont, Italy 

SMELL: Elegant and intense bouquet ranging from scents of red fruit to great spices. 

TASTE: Great balance of acidity and harmonious flavor that give a pleasant freshness and elegance 

BODY: Light


the perfect pairing
Rosemary Focaccia Bread

This sparkling wine was un-dosed which suggests that the winemakers wanted to showcase the fruit and the good farming that went into it. (look at nerdy note for explanation). Although some wine enthusiasts suggest un-dosed wines should be served without food, I like them with salty-savory snacks — in this case: salumi, aged cheeses, olives, almonds, rosemary focaccia.

Our choice:

Homemade Rosemary Focaccia Bread! We love to start off any dinner party with a bubbles toast! This homemade bread is easy and steals the show! It is salty, fluffy and the rosemary is not overpowering.

A vision comes to life!

The The name Erpacrife comes from the initials of it’s four creators: Erik Dogliotti, Paolo Stella, Cristian Calatroni and Federico Scarzello. Together they started the "Erpacrife” project in 1999 after their graduation from the oenological school of Alba, young and hungry to drive change on how to make sparkling wine in Italy. After numerous experiments done on different grapes for their sparkling base, they identified the very few that actually work. Unlike their counterparts, Erpacrife uses only the classic champagne method to make wines that accurately represent the indigenous grapes from the land which they are proud of. Their aim was to create fine sparkling wines from grapes that were totally different to those traditionally used. This sparkling rosé is made from 100% nebbiolo grapes. After 10 years of experimenting, problems, determination, and successes, they finally created a unique fierce yet refined sparkling wine that had the region in awe!