Welcome to the Valpolicella

Veneto, Italy

Massimago "duca fedele"
'21 Valpolicella

This wine is the perfect refreshing summer red wine. The wine is made from a blend of three native Italian grape varieties of the Valpolicella. Primarily made of Corvina, with Corvinone and Rondinella combining to make up less than 35%. The wine is crisp and fruit forward. We suggest chilling this wine in the fridge for 20 minutes prior to enjoying. This will allow the bright flavors of ripe strawberries and cherry to shine through!

The name of the winery is from the Latin "Maximum Agium", maximum benefit. The estates female winemaker, Camilla Rossi Chauvene, has worked tirelessly to create wines that are innovative but still hold a beautiful authentic expression of the territory in which they come from.


65% Corvina, 30% Corvinone, 5% Rondinella 

WINEMAKING: Hand harvested and organic

AGING: During fermentation, cold maceration continues for 4 days to enhance flavor, then is aged for 6 months in steel tanks on fine lees and is then filtered and bottled

PRODUCER: Massimago

WINE MAKER: Camilla Rossi Chauvene

REGION: Veneto, Italy

SMELL: Very fruity with hints of ripe strawberries, cherries and a subtle balsamic and peppery nose. 

TASTE: Fruity and fresh with cherry and red berry flavors.

BODY: Light


meet Camilla :

Camilla Rossi Chauvene has been the shining star of the Cracco family. Massimago has belonged her family since 1883 as a country house, but it has been completely reset in 2003 as an innovative winery, when Camilla decided to devote herself to the wine world. In 2004 she produced her first 1,000 bottles. In 2014 the vineyard became certified organic, thanks to her devotion to the land and winemaking process. Massimago is a young wine company, run by young people, but Camilla is the true heart and the brain of the winery. Massimago only uses their own grapes, all traditional varieties. Her goal is to produce wines that are authentic yet innovative. She continues to drive change in the Valpolicella and we are honored to highlight her beautiful, “Duca Fedele”.

vigneron independant

Professional, trustworthy and of the highest standards

You will notice on the foil of this bottle that there is a icon of a person holding a bag with the words, "vigneron independant" underneath it. At Massimago, they respect the Independent Wine Maker’s Charter (Vigneron Indépendant). This means we produce their own grapes, bottle the wine in their own cellar and their name appears on every bottle. When you see this, think of it as a stamp of approval from the French government to support this family winery!


Pepperoni Pizza

This pairing is simple and straight to the point. Sometimes pairings do not have to be fancy and with an authentic Italian wine, we thought it would only make sense to pair it with a pepperoni pizza! Take a night off, order in some pizza and open this beauty with a group of friends!

If you don’t want to go the pizza route, this wine also pairs beautifully with red-sauce pasta, risotto, roasted chicken, pork chops in a red sauce, and barbecued foods.