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Savoie, France

2020 rousette de Savoie

This wine made is 100% Altesse grapes, which are an important component for winemakers in the French alpine region of Savoie. Savoie is one of the lesser known French regions, but more recently has been attracting attention from wine enthusiasts across the globe for its light, fresh taste and its artisanal flare.

This wine is delicate, crisp, with nutty aromas and great acidity. The label translates directly to "love story", and the finger print on the label is an ode to the Tioller family and their love story with the land and wines they have dedicated their lives to the past 170 years!

2020 Altesse


WINEMAKING: Organic conversion & biodynamic farming

AGING: This wine is aged on the lees which gives the wine roundness and nobility 

PRODUCER: Domaine de l’Idylle 

WINE MAKER: Audrey Arlon

REGION: Savoie, France 

SMELL: Nutty, white fruit and citrus notes 

TASTE: Creamy roundness with present salinity

BODY: Light to Medium


Domaine i'Idylle "love story"

"Idylle" means love story and that is exactly what the domaine has been for the Tioller family the past 170 years. Le Domaine de l’Idylle nestles in the age of the valley of the Combe de Savoie, deep in French Alps. The Tiollier family has been working this terroir to produce a range of subtle fine Savoie wines since 1840. Respecting nature and tradition are the key values of their family run vineyard.

Domaine de l’Idylle also holds the High Environmental Value certification. This certification is awarded to agricultural businesses achieving high environmental standards across all aspects of their business. It attests to the presence of multiple elements proving biodiversity (hedges, grass verges, trees, flowers and insects…) across the vineyard.

vigneron independant

Professional, trustworthy and of the highest standards

You will notice on the foil of this bottle that there is a icon of a person holding a bag with the words, "vigneron independant" underneath it. At Domaine de l’Idylle, they respect the Independent Wine Maker’s Charter (Vigneron Indépendant). This means we produce their own grapes, bottle the wine in their own cellar and their name appears on every bottle. When you see this, think of it as a stamp of approval from the French government to support this family winery!



The region of Savoie (sav-WAH) skirts around the Swiss Alps producing the best Alpine wines that are racy, sleek, and humming with freshness from their acidity. This wine is is perfect for the region's famous cheese masterpiece: RACLETTE! If you have never heard of Raclette, you can thank us later, it is essentially an upscale fondue situation. We recommend throwing a raclette dinner party and truly being immersed in what this wine has to offer!

Raclette Dinner Party Tips
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Altesse (al-tess)

Altesse is also known as Roussette, thanks to the grapes slightly reddish-colored skins. (roux/rousse is French for "red") This grape variety is indigenous to the southern shores of Lake Geneva, and genetically related to the Swiss grape Chasselas. Altesse is the superior white grape of the region that can be aged and enjoyed 5-15 years after release. If the wine label says, "Roussette de Savoie" it means that is coming from a special appellation and had to go through special government conditions in order to pass quality control.