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Piedmont, Italy

Gaggiano "Leandro"
2020 Coste della Sesia Red Blend

Although this blend is primarily nebbiolo, the expression is completely different than the 100% nebbiolo from Bussia. It is a much softer and approachable wine that is ready to drink now!

This blend is ruby red with purple hues. On the nose, hints of spice, pepper and balsamic. On the palate, medium to full-bodied, refined, with licorice aromas at the finish. Although the 2020 vintage is ready to drink now, and we recommend decanting for 20 minutes before enjoying.

2020 red blend

GRAPE VARIETY BLEND: 80% Nebbiolo, 10% Vespolina, 10% Croatina

WINEMAKING: Organic.  Harvest mid to late-September. All three grape varieties are grown, harvested and vinified together. Destemmed and crushed.

AGING: Fermented in stainless steel vats with pumping over and délestage. About a 20 to 30-day maceration. Malolactic fermentation during the following spring. Aged for 6 months 70% in used Austrian oak barrels and 30% in stainless steel.

PRODUCER: Cantina Gaggiano 

WINE MAKER: Cristiano Garella

REGION: Alto-Piedmonte

SMELL: Spice, pepper, balsamic

TASTE:  Refined with licorice aromas on the finish

BODY: Medium to full bodied



Broccoli Cheddar Chicken & Rice Casserole:

This is a delicious and easy fall dinner idea that goes perfectly with this red blend. The cheesiness of this dish complements the rich tannins and acidity of the wine.

Half Baked Harvest
The story of

"Following in the footsteps of those who, before us, have walked the road that leads from the vineyards, to the winery to the glasses of wine lovers, the memory of grandfather Gervasio is more vivid than ever."

The story of Gaggiano begins on the vine-covered hills of Northern Piedmont, among the rows of Nebbiolo, where the Fabris family now, as then, gathers for the traditional grape harvest. Grandfather Gervasio, a passionate wine-grower, used to zealously coordinate his family, leaving his grandchildren to enjoy pressing the grapes in the vats, as well as for fun, directly with their feet.

The memory of those happy moments, the value of the family and the willingness to continue the path traced by grandfather Gervasio push Fabris family, together with the activity of entrepreneurs, to devote themselves to the enhancement of the territory by buying and investing in small plots of land planted with vines on the hills of Gattinara (VC), Casa del Bosco and Sostegno (BI) with the aim of producing great red wines with denomination, such as Gattinara docg, Bramaterra doc, and Coste della Sesia doc.

fun fact about
Alto Piedmonte

The definition Alto Piemonte although has no defined and real boundaries and was created to identify an area with strong and ancient traditions, amazing landscape and unique food and wine heritage. Alto Piedmonte is one of the most fascinating sub zonal discussions in wine because of the history of the land. 280 million years ago the land experienced a continental collision which resulted in distinct pockets of varied soil types. This wine has a dual soil component that makes it unique and special. The wine's intense structure and intensity come from the iron-rich volcanic soil and its alluring elegance comes from the sandy soil.