Tenute Dettori
Renosu Bianco 


An intensely aromatic wine, straightforward and uncomplicated, pure pleasure in a wineglass. Enjoy chilled. Renosu, which in Italian means sandy, is not new, but traditional there; marrying together complex acidity with the intense sweetness is a pleasurable custom.

Renosu Bianco expresses a singular coppery golden color. The nose presents fine and fragrant scents of ripe pear, nectarine, and white flowers with a sweet and mineral context. The taste is enveloping, soft and dynamic at the same time.

To make natural wine is not a trend for Alessandro Dettori, but rather the soul of his family’s work since 1860. 

Wine is not sold in stores - only available to purchase for Savor club members.

Vermentino "Vur·muhn·tee·nuh

VARITEALS: Vermentino with a little Moscato di Sennori 

WINEMAKING: Biodynamic. Demeter certified 

AGEING: 1 day skin maceration. Spontaneous fermentation and 3 months aging in cement tanks before bottling. The percentage of Moscato varies by vintage, but usually around 3–5%. No filtration and no stabilization. 

PRODUCER: Tenute Dettori

WINE MAKER: Alessandro Dettori

REGION: Sennori, Sardegna, Italy 

SMELL: Pear, lemon, gunflint and earth 

TASTE: Flavors of pear, lemon, citrus, and mineral notes

BODY: Low-Mediium

ACIDITY: Medium - High

A Note From Tenute Dettori:

Romangia is a great terroir, beautiful & complex, as is tending its vineyards and wines. Although all our wines are completely different, they share important common traits: harmony, elegance, finesse, balance and above all, ageability. We are winegrowers because we produce wine using only the grapes we ourselves grow. We are artisans because we personally plan and perform every task required. The painstaking attention and dedication given to the vineyards is the same you will find in the cellar. This is because we want our wines to represent the essence of our terroir: truthful, real, unique. These are free wines: free to express themselves, and free to fully express their provenance, since they are quite simply fermented grape juice. These wines are not slaves to commercial and marketing concerns, nor are they designed and artfully packaged for an exclusive market. They are made as natural as possible, no herbicides or pesticides, no sulfites, no additives or filtration. The land we work with is beautiful, we want the wine to fully represent it.

the perfect pairing
Pasta Risotto with chick peas

The winemaker recommends pairing Renosu Bianco with well-structured fish dishes, creamy risottos or assorted medium-aged cheeses. He also suggests tempura, vegetable quiches, and not overly spiced Thai cuisine.

Our choice: Half Baked Harvest Quick + Simple Pasta “Risotto” with Herbed Roasted Chickpeas.