Step outside your comfort zone & explore the unique grapes of Greece & Italy

Greece and Italy are legendary for being amongst the first places to practice viticulture. (Viticulture is the cultivation of grapes, especially for wine making). The Greeks were the first to plant grape vines when they colonized Egypt in 300 BC, & introduced winemaking to Southern Italy. The Romans promoted vine cultivation & winemaking in regions of their empire that are now major wine producers. France, Germany, and Hungary can trace their orgins of wine industries back to Roman times. Each wine chosen for this allocation is extremely hard to find in the United States and have incredible stories. Below each photo of wine is a button that will bring you to the wine's individual profile. Don't miss the chance to repurchase the wines from this allocation below. (only available for Savor wine club members).

2022 Summer allocation


The wine profile will include detailed tasting notes, food pairings with recipes, the highlighted story explaining why this wine was chosen, advice on how to best enjoy the wines, and recommendations on what wines to try in the future!



I have created this page as a one-stop-shop for you to repurchase the wines from this allocation. The wines are rare grapes that are hardly found in the United States. Not only are they unique grapes, but they are produced by small production wineries that have the most respect for tradition and clean farming.

This is the only downfall to small production wines- when we run out, we are truly out! Make sure you don't miss your chance to repurchase and enjoy them again in the future. If you are looking to buy a full case or more, please reach out to us directly and we will do our best to accommodate you with the best pricing available!

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Grignolino Crotin 1897

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An extraordinary example of the historic indigenous grape Grignolino. Light to medium bodied with a beautiful red color, bright refreshing red fruit flavors with focused acidity and a refreshing finish. Family owned winery whose devotion to the indigenous varieties of the region is clear, as new projects work to rescue grapes that have nearly died out. Crotin 1897 only produces around ~4,000 cases a year, almost none making it to the United States.

Grignolino Crotin 1897
Rosato Mofete Etna

Rosato Mofete Etna

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Palmento Costanzo 

This wine has an effortless smoothness about it. It is made using a rare grape almost exclusively found in Sicily - Nerello Mascalese. Nerello Mascalese is a light bodied, high acidic wine that is comparable to Pinot Noir. However, this Rosato is not as fruity as the rosé of Pinot Noirs from places like California. The pale pink color is reminisce of the Rosés coming out of Provence and it has a unique and intoxicating texture. The Costanzo winery practices only the cleanest farming and uses vines that are over 120 years old for their wines. Once you try this wine, your perspective of Italian Rosato will forever be changed!