From the Farm to your Fingertips
2022 Fall Allocation

Let's Travel to the Farm this Fall

Cheers to the Vintners!

Viticulture specifically is the study of grape cultivation. Winemaking has universally been embedded into our culture and history, dating back to 5000 BC. When enjoying a glass of wine, you are quite literally drinking a form of art that reflects the land, the region, and the people. You are enjoying a piece of history in the present moment. Unfortunately, with today's society and our need for instant gratification, we are losing sight of the beauty behind each bottle. We are getting lost in mass produced wines with attractive labels and being fooled by marketing schemes. This allocation is dedicated to the vintners. To be a vintner you also need to be a farmer, a chemist, a historian, an artist, and to be committed to constantly driving change with a curious mind. Savor only highlights small production boutique wineries because we believe the quality is determined in your glass. Let's breakdown "Green Viticulture" that has accelerated worldwide in the 21st century by defining the 3 most popular concepts:

1. Biodynamic 2. Organic 3. Sustainable

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The wine profile will include detailed tasting notes, food pairings with recipes, the highlighted story explaining why this wine was chosen, advice on how to best enjoy the wines, and recommendations on what wines to try in the future! It will also include a more in-depth explanation of the type of farming used and why it is so important.



We have created this page as a one-stop-shop for you to repurchase the wines from this allocation. You are only able to purchase the wines through Savor, because they are not available for sale anywhere else in the United States. These wines are from small producing family wineries and once our allocation is gone, we will not have the option to get them again! Make sure you don't miss your chance to repurchase and enjoy them again in the future. If you are looking to buy a full case or more, please reach out to us directly and we will do our best to accommodate you with the best pricing available!

Balgera Rosso di Valtellina

Balgera Rosso di Valtellina

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The Valtellina is a very small wine-producing region in the mountains north of Milan, Italy, just south of the Alps that borders Switzerland. This winery is fourth generation and offers classic old world styled, highly fragrant wines, made from the Chiavennasca variety, also known as Nebbiolo in the Piedmont region.

A perfect match for fall cuisine and colder weather. Creamy, cheesy dishes with a high fat content to counteract the wine's naturally intense tannin. Truffle & Nebbiolo are a match made in heaven! 


Dolcetto D'Alba AltreVie

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AltreVie is the newest project from two famous Italian vintners GianLuca Colombo & Federico Scarzello that started just last year. The two men believe that they should never display wines of "their" style, but that "only the vineyard, vintage, & grape should speak." They are passionate about biodynamic practices & keep their wines as natural as possible by hand-harvesting & aging their wines in anfora. The grapes selected for the AltreVie project come from only the best vineyards, with vines averaging 15 years old.



Dolcetto D&
"BRO" Trebbiano

"BRO" Trebbiano

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The whale on the label is reminiscent of the sea, which once covered the lands in Emilia Romagna. Noelia Ricci, after whom the winery was named, was the visionary woman who saw the land suitable for a winery. The Ricci's family have focused on native grape varieties, like this Trebbiano, and have left a legacy & tradition that has been passed through generations. The wines pay tribute to the classic style, with a contemporary approach; fine in structure with a strong personality & complexity, while maintaining an inviting approach & pursuing drinkability.


Trebbiano Toscana sometimes has a bad reputation for its lack of flavor, but this one will turn heads on how beautiful the single varietal wine can be when made correctly!